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Senior Living at Polestar

Are you interested in spending your golden years in the company of like-minded souls, deepening your spiritual life? Wouldn’t you like to know that you could remain with your own friends and in your own community even if you require assistance in your elder years? Consider senior living at Polestar.

Studies have shown that those with spiritual pursuits and who participate in their communities lead longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. If you are retired or about to, and would like to explore being a part of a community that values Spirit, Community, and Life-long Learning, you are welcome to come and explore the possibilities at Polestar.

Polestar GardenAlready, much of the housing at Polestar is ‘age in place’ friendly and there are currently several opportunities for senior housing available either for rent or for ‘vestment’ by a member. Our intention is that all of our future housing will also be considerate of elder needs. In addition, we are currently designing and planning for an assisted living facility at Polestar: please contact us for the updates on this project.

There are so many reasons that senior living makes sense in an intentional community like ours. Safety, the temperate climate and natural beauty of our island Paradise, ongoing activities of diverse spiritual, cultural, recreational and educational import; the opportunity to serve others, to interact with children and all age groups; gardening, music, cooking: ‘Celebrating all of life in the company of dear friends.’

Contact us for more information on senior living at Polestar or better yet, sign up for a visit today or join us for our annual Art of Conscious Aging Retreat.

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In Divine Friendship,
Michael and Ann Gornik, Directors

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