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Polestar Gardens is an intentional community, organic farm and educational nonprofit (501c3) offering year round, hands-on experience in cooperative spiritual living.

At Polestar Gardens we provide an energizing life-style of daily yoga and meditation, karma yoga or service projects, and outdoor-adventure opportunities for interns, guests on vacation or personal retreat, families and youth. People of all faiths are welcome.

Our core values are Spirit, Community and Life-long learning.



We draw our inspiration primarily from the life of Paramhansa Yogananda as well as the teachings of all true spiritual paths. “Environment is stronger than willpower” Yogananda often said, encouraging the creation of Spiritual Communities that nurture physical, mental, and spiritual development. Meditation, chanting and sacred music, and service to others are the foundations of our practice. We share a sincere desire to deepen our spiritual lives and find joy in sharing our path with others.


Selfless service (or karma yoga) is our community ideal. Divine Friendship and selfless service are two pillars of community life.  For those who understand their purpose here as service to others, community living provides endless opportunities to contribute your talents and abilities for the enrichment of others’ lives. The depth of Friendship developed in this context, of mutual service and goodwill, is perhaps the sweetest aspect of community life; employing all your gifts for your own and everyone’s welfare; being known and knowing others deeply; serving selflessly side by side with other like-minded souls.

Along with making a contribution to others’ lives, we aspire to relinquish attachment to all the fruit of our actions. This is a lofty goal to say the least but many of our most cherished memories have come through volunteer work days and ongoing the practice of community service.

The influence of spiritual community on our youth is particularly profound. Children that grow up amidst deep friendships, respect, and spiritual aspiration can see those possibilities for themselves. The friendships born in community offer a great treasure and an abiding influence on each of us.

“The treasure of friendship is your richest possession, because it goes with you beyond this life. All the true friends you have made you will meet again in the home of the Father, for real love is never lost.”

— Paramhansa Yogananda

Life-long learning

Each of us has unique knowledge to share and lessons to learn in our time here. Daily life, if we are open to it, offers a continuous flow of educational opportunities! Through creative service, spiritual practice, classes, meals, music and play, and through the deep relationships developed through all of these, we continually expand our knowledge and wisdom.

Raja Yoga Mediation at Polestar Gardens
Polestar Gardens who we are
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