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Are you interested in spending your golden years in the company of like-minded souls, deepening your spiritual life?

Experience spiritual retirement in Hawaii. Thanks to the help of many volunteers, planning for our ‘Ageless Living Center’ is moving steadily forward. A rendering of the facility has been created with a front view of the facility, as seen above. We envision a beautiful, uplifting environment for senior and assisted living, integrated with the daily life of our community. If you are interested or would like to get involved in helping bring this to fruition, please email Dorian at: doriancarter(at)yahoo.com.

Polestar Gardens Meditation

Polestar Gardens is extending an invitation to a select group of seniors interested in spending their golden years in the company of like-minded souls, deepening their spiritual life–not just in entertainment and amusements, but in meditation, chanting, and creative service.

Studies have shown that those with spiritual pursuits and who participate in their communities, lead longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. If you are retired or about to, and would like to explore being a part of a community that values meditation, chanting and being of service to others, we recommend that you come and visit ,see what life could be like at Polestar Gardens. We have an admission process that begins the moment we “click” with a prospective resident. Here is what we have to offer:

Meditate, chant, serve, and celebrate life, with other spiritually- minded people of all ages. We have a full schedule of daily activities: chanting, yoga, and meditation; creative service projects in all aspects of community life: gardening, art, music, maintenance, office work, cooking and more.

Live in your own private apartment or room and cook on your own; or share a professionally prepared meal by our chef in our common kitchen. Organic Polestar-grown fruits and vegetables make up a large part of our diet.

Recreation possibilities include all the wonders of island life: snorkeling, kayaking, lava viewing tours, dolphins, hiking and more. You can also join the community choir, play volleyball, take an ukulele class and learn about vegetarian cooking.

Polestar is a village comprised by people of all ages: couples with children, young adults and seniors. The variety of ages and backgrounds, united by a deep commitment to the spiritual life, provides for a healthy and dynamic social environment. We follow the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda but welcome those from other paths who feel atuned to these universal teachings of meditation and service to others. We are not affiliated with any other organization.

Our 20 acres includes gardens, orchards, meditation temple, community center, and village green; the setting at Polestar is serene and conducive to meditation and introspection.

Continue to grow spiritually as you age with opportunities to be of service and to share the skills and life lessons you have gathered over the years. Our intention is to allow us to be able to live and die here in the company of family and friends who we know and love. Once here, you will be part of a community that nurtures, supports, and helps each other. When the time comes, we can provide assisted living options.

We are currently building a housing cluster for the specific purpose of adding senior living options to our existing village. Presently we have fifteen full-time residents and twenty or so visitors who stay anywhere from a few days to several months–all spiritual seekers.

If you resonate with the above mentioned ideals, and are interested in exploring the possibilities for living at Polestar, please contact us:

Polestar Gardens
(808) 430-8009
Email: doriancarter(at)yahoo.com

In Divine Friendship,
Michael and Ann Gornik, Directors

A Room at Polestar Gardens
Polestar Gardens lanai
Star Watching at Polestar Gardens
Hawaii Botanical Gardens Waterfall
Meals at Polestar, fresh fruit and vegetables
boiling Pots Hawaii
Hawaii Flower
Blue Zones Project

Imagine a Life at Polestar Gardens!

Imagine an environment designed for spiritual upliftment. The ideals of compassion, service, humility and divine friendship imbue every aspect of living.

Daily activities are filled with cooperation and creativity and include meditation, service projects, art, music, business and spiritual pursuits. The gifts and talents of all, from the very young to the elderly, are nurtured and appreciated. All rites of passage, such as birth, coming of age, marriage and death are celebrated in the context of a present and caring community.

You wake early to the sound of music from the temple, a beautiful shrine dedicated to the great saints and sages of all religions. A short walk across the village green and you join your friends and neighbors for morning yoga and meditation. Communion with spirit is how you start your day. The sun rises as you contemplate breakfast. Organic fruits and vegetables grown right outside your back door are on the menu for the day’s meals. Your day is organized around your soul’s purpose: creative service, meditation; physical and spiritual development. You participate consciously in the creation of community, and have the support and fellowship of those who are part of your spiritual family.

The big Island of Hawaii offers a very unique environment. Hilo, a 30-minute drive, is the second largest city in the State, with a campus of the University of Hawaii. The university offers a myriad of cultural events year-round. Hilo has the feel of a small town, but has all the conveniences and shops of a big city. Kona, a two-hour drive, has some of the best beaches in the world, great snorkeling, diving, swimming. Near Polestar are the famous Kapoho tide pools with beautiful marine life, and not far are the warm ponds to soothe away sore muscles. There’s great hiking and nature walks on Volcano National Park, an hour away.

Hawaii is one of the best states in which to retire. A study of the best and worst states for retirement that compared tax rates, healthcare premiums, levels of crime and life expectancy. See Best States to Retire.

West Hawaii has also been included as a Blue Zones Project by HMSA, which means this area has a community-based well-being improvement initiative that uses scientifically proven lessons of longevity, health, and happiness to create vibrant communities and boost the well-being of their residents. See Hawaii Blue Zones Projects