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Yoga in Hawaii – The Raja Yoga Internship

The Raja Yoga Internship is a full immersion in life at Polestar. Intensive study and daily practice of the teachings of Raja Yoga, ongoing participation in all community events, weekly kirtans, satsangs, and regular hatha yoga sessions have a transformative power to improve every aspect of your life. 

You can also learn valuable life-skills or contribute your own expertise in areas such as organic gardening and permaculture, landscaping, carpentry and maintenance, photography, videography, music, vegetarian cooking and much more. Polestar interns will also have ample opportunity for recreation and adventure. An essential component of the program includes ocean trips, hiking, volleyball games, movie nights and exploring the Big Island as standard fare.

Our experience has been that this balanced lifestyle and especially the group spiritual practice cultivates harmonious human relations: many visitors comment on the openness and kindness found here and on the opportunity to develop deep and lasting friendships.

Click here for more on the philosophy of Raja Yoga.

Though the Raja Yoga Internship is intended as a 4-week program, you can stay for as little as two or three weeks. Longer stays are contingent on the availability of accommodations and on how well the program is working for you and for Polestar. After your second week, we will check-in together to see that everything is flowing harmoniously.

We do not accept late arrivals and appreciate your understanding in this matter. Everyone starting at the same time is important to the cohesiveness of the group.

More About the Raja Yoga Internship

Daily Sadhana

Daily Sadhana

We have regularly scheduled sadhana (spiritual practice) every morning evening. Our sadhana includes: Prayer, Energization (Yogoda) Exercises, Chanting, Hatha Yoga (3 times per week) , Pranayama & Meditation and we can provide instruction in all of the above. Sharing “sacred space” on a daily basis is an important aspect of our community life!



Community Service or Karma Yoga is also a core aspect of our spiritual lives. The goal of the Karma Yogi is to attain Liberation (yoga) through action. Our ideal is to relinquish the attachment to the fruits of one’s actions and to understand that it is a privilege to be of service to others. Come volunteer in Hawaii and experience it for yourself!


Polestar Gardens Meals

Our meals are mostly lacto-ovo vegetarian and always delicious! Vegan options are usually available also. We take turns cooking and have amazingly creative, wonderful chefs in the rotation. Meals are an excellent time to share, relax and connect with family and friends.


Polestar Gardens Adventures

The Big Island is full of natural wonders, many of which are in our back yard! Water falls, warm ponds, volcanos, hiking, snorkeling, surfing; all are close by and a great feature of island life. Read more about The Wonders of Hawaii. Disclaimer: not all of these adventures are available every month and many of them require you own transportation.

Community Meetings

Polestar Gardens Adventures

We gather once a month as a community for an informal ‘check-in’ meeting. This is an opportunity for listening to each other, sharing the challenges and inspiration of community life, and renewing our core intentions.

Daily/Weekly Schedule

Program Dates

Each program segment usually begins on the first Saturday of the month, and continues until the Friday closest to the end of the month (unless you are staying for the following month also). In this way, each segment is within a day or two of 4 weeks in length.

Participants are asked to arrive on Thursday before the appointed start date by 4:30 pm to make sure they have time to check in be ready for the first Saturday evening classes. The first week is especially important and includes getting to know each other, becoming acquainted with teachings and practices of our path of Raya Yoga, and learning how the community operates.


The cost of this program starts at $650* (see note below) per 4 weeks and includes 25 hours per week of committed service. In the case of a two week stay, the cost is $450. Once your application has been accepted a $100 deposit will hold your space (fully refundable with 72 hour notice).  ** All prices subject to change.

If you want to come as an intern, but do not have 14 days to dedicate to the program, you can come as a guest. Many visitors stay with us as guests and participate in our work flow as volunteers. The cost is $65 per night which includes a private tent and meals. No work exchange is required. Go here for guest rates and accommodation options.

Polestar Chickens

2018 Monthly Starting Dates and Costs

January* 2018 Tuesday, Jan. 9 – $850 *9-Day Diet
February* 2018 Thursday, Feb. 1 – $850 *Ageless Living Program
March* 2018 Thursday, March 1 – $850 *Raja Yoga Intensive
April* 2018 Thursday, Apr. 6 – $850 *Sacred Music Festival
May 2018 Thursday, May 4 – $650
June* 2018
Thursday, June 1 – $850 *Adventures in Spirit
July 2018
Thursday, July 29 – $650
August 2018 Thursday, Aug. 3 – $650
September 2018
Thursday, Aug. 31 – $650
October 2018 Thursday, Oct. 5 – $650
November* 2018 Thursday, Nov. 2 – $850 *Thanksgiving
December* 2018 Thursday, Nov. 30 – $850 *Holiday Program
** Note: Due to the additional programs during these months, there is an extra $200 program fee to cover the costs. See our Events page to find out more about them.

2 Weeks Tent Rate - Basic

  • Intern – Minimal Program

3 Weeks Tent Rate - Basic

  • Intern – Short Program

4 Weeks Tent Rate - Basic

  • Intern – Ideal Program

2 Weeks Dorm Rate - Basic

  • Intern – Minimal Program

3 Weeks Dorm Rate - Basic

  • Intern – Short Program

4 Weeks Dorm Rate - Basic

  • Intern – Ideal Program

Add $200 for the months of January, February, March, April, June, November and December, which have special events.

Important note: The intern rate begins the day you arrive. Your program fee covers a 4 week stay.  If you need to arrive earlier than that, you will need to pay our guest rate of $65 (tent rate) per night until the program starts. It’ s also possible to stay in a hostel in Hilo or somewhere else until the start day and we can arrange your pickup from there instead. Of course we recommend coming here!
Once you have successfully completed two months of the intern program, you may be eligible for our “core group” program. Inquire for details.
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
OK to Arrive here OK to Arrive here Time to relax and Classes start Orientation Regular Weekly Schedule starts

Accommodations for Intern Program

Cost for Individuals in the Intern Program:

The prices above are based on private tents and dorm rooms.  Check our Accommodations page for more information.

For an upgrade to an Indoor Room and still be in the Intern Program add an additional $180 per week to the Tent rates ($720 additional for 4 weeks).

Cost for Couples in the Intern Program:

We have 1 tent with a full size mattress (very cozy). Cost for this (when available): 1st person pays full price, 2nd person pays 50% off full price.

Couples can also pay full price each and share an upgrade to a Tent Cabin or a Dorm Room.

Click here for our Daily / Weekly Schedule or FAQ