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Ageless Living Program Retreat

  • 5 glorious days enjoying the beauty of the Big Island with like-minded seniors
  • Daily yoga and meditation practice available in our community temple
  • Trips to the warm pond, snorkeling, touring, farmers markets, hula, dolphins, whales and more!
  • Classes and conversations on the spiritual life of seniors
  • Workshops with health providers and consultants on various practical aspects of aging.
  • Delicious vegetarian food, much of it home-grown organic
  • Massage opportunities

For many years, Polestar has provided fun and uplifting programs for young adults. This coming winter, we especially want to invite those seniors who would like to share the blessings and challenges of aging together. This is not only a wonderful and uplifting way to spend a vacation in Hawaii but also an opportunity to explore the Polestar Ageless Living Experience and deepen one’s understanding of the purpose of our lives. Though we will have plenty of time for relaxation and informal conversation, there will also be many adventures and opportunities to explore the Big Island as well.  We will meditate, serve, play, and explore the spiritual life together. We hope you can join us for the Polestar Ageless Living Program!

$990 Tent rate – Single (shared bathroom)
$1100 Tent Cabin – Single (shared bathroom)
$1600 Tent Cabin – Double (shared bathroom)
$1200 Indoor Room – Single (shared bathroom)
$1800 Indoor Room – Double (shared bathroom)
$1500 Indoor Room – Single (private bathroom)
$2100 Indoor Room – Double (private bathroom)

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