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2017 Polestar Collaborative Culinary Camp for High School FAQPolestar Gardens Culinary Camp

Eating on a small planet with dignity and cooperation.

Our yearly program offers the opportunity to practice life skills in an open air environment. Our students will strive to encounter basic knowledge and experiences that support practices of healthy living while developing life skills for living in community. What follows are answers to frequently asked questions concerning the Culinary Camp:

Q: What exactly will I do during this culinary arts experience?

A: You’ll prepare and preserve foods suited to good health safely and with joy. You’ll also evoke individual confidence in health while learning to eat with a conscience.

The theme of this 5 day program is ‘the fridge is busted” and we will focus on how to feed ourselves accordingly. This will include preparing every meal fresh and using traditional methods of preservation, i.e. with water, salt and fire. We will harvest and prepare on property from scratch all of the food necessary to support ourselves.

Q: Where is this summer program being held?

A: Five days in beautiful Puna, Hawaii, where we will be practicing successful habits of cultivation and land stewardship together. As a group we will honor the land and respect its hosts.

This year we are fortunate to bring our service to the Collaborative’s host organization, Polestar Gardens, who are generously offering shelter on their grounds in their open-air community center. Our activities are helping to focus their vision of a rustic kitchen and open-air cafe. Visit to find out more about our host organization.

Q: I was looking for something like ‘CupCake Wars,’ will I find that here?

A: No

Q: What are the accommodations like?

A: Think ‘glamping’.  We have access to showers, toilets and pure, drinkable water:)

At night we enjoy tents and hammocks inside an open to the air community center. 

Other Info:

Willing to donate services, equipment or money to Polestar Collaborative Culinary Camp? Donate that camp gear you got just sittin’ around to the Culinary Collaborative. Help keep us clothed and comfortable. Contact Christy ASAP at to make a donation.

Like to Sign up or Volunteer? Fill out this short application and contact Matthew ASAP at or call (808) 769-0972