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Polestar Gardens Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

Polestar creates dynamic opportunities for life-long learning and spiritual growth based on the universal teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Our Vision

Visualize a campus for the “School of Life”, an intentional community in Hawaii where everyone is honored as a student as well as a teacher. The ideals of compassion, service, humility and divine friendship imbue every aspect of living. Life is celebrated as an opportunity for continuous physical, mental, and spiritual development. Daily activities are filled with cooperation and creativity and include meditation, service projects, art, music, science, business and spiritual pursuits. The gifts and talents of all, from the very young to the elderly, are nurtured, appreciated, and harnessed for the overall good of the community. Birth, adolescence, marriage, death: all rites of passage are celebrated in the context of a present, caring community.

Each morning you awaken early to the sound of music from the temple – a beautiful shrine dedicated to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and the great saints and sages of all religions. A short walk across the green and you join your friends and neighbors for morning yoga and meditation. Communion with spirit is how you start your day. The sun rises as you contemplate breakfast. Organic fruits and vegetables grown right outside your back door are on the menu for the days’ meals. Your day is organized around your soul’s purpose: creative service, meditation, physical, mental and spiritual development. These are the themes reflected in all your activities. You participate consciously in the creation of community. In the supportive company of like-minded family and friends, the pursuit of self-realization becomes a joyous celebration of all of life.

Polestar Gardens Vision and Mission
Polestar Gardens Vision and Mission
Polestar Gardens Meals

Our Values

  • Our essential purpose is “the deepening of the spirit”.
  • We seek to create a culture that values spirit, community and life-long learning.
  • We strive to express the universal teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and other great spiritual traditions.
  • We aspire to celebrate the sacredness of life in the company of dear friends.
  • We promote tolerance, compassion and service to others as a pathway to individual and world peace.
  • We understand that life is a sacred opportunity to grow

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