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Residency and Membership
at Polestar Gardens

Interested in residency and membership? Polestar is actively seeking permanent residents who would like to explore our path of yoga and who find our community lifestyle enriching and fulfilling.

Please note that we are a drug and alcohol free community.

Polestar is seeking:

  • Sincere individuals who are focused on their spiritual path and willing to try to harmonize their individual energy with the larger group energy
  • Those who resonate with our core ideals; Spirit, Community and Lifelong Learning, and feel a connection to the universal teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.
  • Those who are willing to selflessly embrace the hard work and rewards offered by the energetic lifestyle Polestar offers.
  • Those who would find an abundant flow of energy, of giving and receiving in community life, along with the humility and patience required to resolve conflict and misunderstandings.

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Residency and Membership at Polestar Gardens
Residency at Polestar Gardens

Polestar invites participation in our Hawaiian intentional community on many levels.

If you resonate with our ideals and would like to get involved, there is plenty of opportunity whether you permanently reside here or not! Come to some of our weekly satsangs or events, sign up for a month of the Internship Program, volunteer at an event, take or teach a class, or visit for a week or two on “spiritual vacation”. We consider everyone who participates as part of our extended spiritual family.

The Membership / Residency Process:

The membership process begins with a visit, and some type of participation in the life of the community. Attending events, retreats, or volunteering are all a starting point for exploring further involvement. Eventually, a residential program such as the Internship Program or an extended stay as a guest will provide a full immersion in community life, and a solid grounding in the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. By mutual consent, this can be lengthened to an extended residency which is the beginning of our “potential member” program. This is a time to go deep in the teachings of yoga, to develop one’s service within the community, and to solidify his or her financial opportunities for supporting oneself here. A potential member is eligible for full membership after 12 months of residency and/or community involvement. New members are accepted by a simple majority vote of all current members and board members.

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