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You are welcome to visit Polestar as a guest (on personal retreat or vacation), as an attendee of a specific Polestar program, or as an intern. Visitors are invited to participate in all of our classes, events, meditations, yoga sessions and meals as their schedule allows. Interns participate fully in the daily life of the community.

Tents, Tent Cabins, and Rooms based on availability. Most rooms have a shared bath. Wi-fi is available and free in the main house, but there is no community computer.

Polestar Gardens Accomodations

Guests / Visitors

Meals are included in the price (there are 3 prepared meals on weekdays and two on weekends). Many classes and community events held during your stay are included. Silent retreats are often held on the last Sunday of the month.

Polestar Gardens Tent Prices

For a Tent

Tent Cabin

For a Tent Cabin
$80/night for a single
$105/night for a couple

Private Room

For a Dorm Room
$80/night for a single
$105/night for a couple

Private Room

For a Private Room
$100/night for a single
$125/night for a couple

PEAK Season: December 15th – January 10th; add 30% to above rates.

*A Tent Cabin is a screened / canvas building and a Private Dorm Room is a wood frame house with regular doors and windows. Both require a short walk to the shared bathroom.

Tents, Tent Cabins, Private Dorm Room, and Indoor Rooms all based on availability. We encourage our guests to join us for meal-preparation and count on everyone for help with clean-up.


image_apprentice_serviceStaying as an intern in our community you will have many opportunities for island excursions, trips to the water, and other fun outings. Meals are included in the price (there are prepared meals on weekdays and very often on weekends).

All tents have a large, shared bath as well as an outdoor shower. The cost of pretty much all of our classes & community events are covered under this program during your time here.

Please see the Raja Yoga Internship page for additional information about that program.

When possible, we ask participants to begin their internship on or before the 1st Sunday of each month. This allows us to provide introductions and orientation efficiently for all new arrivals at the same time, and gives the group a chance to bond and connect.

For more information email us or call (808) 430-8009.

  • The rate is $300/week for the first 2 weeks. After that the price goes down.
  • with a two-week minimum stay,
  • and 25 hours of work-trade per week.

Airport pick-up is available from the Hilo Airport; $45 charge each way.

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