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Polestar needs YOUR help!

Polestar's mission is to create dynamic opportunities for life-long learning and spiritual growth. Through your donation support we are able to continue in this effort. Your contributions are not only greatly appreciated but tax-deductible as well.

Polestar Gardens is a 501 (c3) non-profit organization.

There are three easy ways to support Polestar's vision:

    Monthly Pledge

With your monthly pledge we welcome you to Polestar's supporting 'Ohana' (a Hawaiian word for 'extended family'). Ohana members often pledge from $20 to $500 per month.

Set any monthly amount here and click 'Donate' to go to our secure server to finalize your donation.

Monthly Pledge Amount (USD): 

  Note (optional): 

    One-Time Offering

You are welcome to specify a one-time offering amount. Polestar is owned and operated by the Polestar Gardens Foundation, a registered 501(c3) organization, so all donations are tax-deductible.

One-Time Amount (USD): 

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    Specific Offering

If you would like to support Polestar in an area of specific current need, please choose from the list below and indicate your interest and amount in the offering note below.

Retiring the
Polestar Gardens Mortgag

Perhaps our largest monthly operational cost is our mortgage. Paying this off would free up principal and interest payments, money that could dearly be used to directly support Polestar's vision.

Please email or call for financial details about our mortgage, and how you could help us to pay it off.

Support Polestar's
Sustainability Vision


As solar batteries age, they become less able to store electricity, meaning we have to use more gasoline and run our generator for longer periods of time.

We have an immediate needs for funds to replace our solar system batteries, add more panels and also to install a much needed passive solar water heater.

Foundational Video and Sound Recording Equipment

Music and the arts are essential to Polestar's vision, both as a part of our daily spiritual life and for our educational outreach.

Many of the young people attending our intern programs and schools will have future life careers in the digital arts. We also have a need to capture the Polestar experience for historical purposes, and for our current web and social media outreach. These funds will purchase a quality high definition video and still camera, a media processing computer workstation, microphones, stands, lights and software for video production and music recording.

One Month Full Scholarship
Polestar Internship/Study Program


We are in contact with many young people (and people young-at-heart!) who are yearning to come to Polestar but haven't the funding. Many or most of these have never had the opportunity to experience cooperative spiritual living first hand or to learn and practice daily yoga and meditation, karma yoga and service life skills as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

This amount is a close estimate that would cover all costs for a one-month internship scholarship for one eligible student (including round-trip plane ticket from the mainland or other country, program tuition and moderate living expenses).

Specific Offering Amount (USD):