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July 17-21, 2017
Polestar Gardens Culinary Camp
for High School Students

Eating on a small planet…with dignity and cooperation.

There are few deeper questions in life than ‘what am i gonna eat?’ We will answer this and countless other questions in the Polestar Gardens Culinary Camp with an authentic Puna flair in a primitive and engaging setting…
  • Build a fire, grill flatbread, crush mulberries…eat
  • Climb a coconut palm, ferment the flesh…eat
  • Harvest a green papaya, make a salad…eat
  • Eat, eat, eat.

Our students will strive to encounter basic knowledge and experiences that support practices of healthy living while developing productive life-skills.

What exactly do we think we are doing with this Culinary Arts experience?

  • Safely prepare and preserve foods suited to good health with joy.
  • Evoke individual confidence in health while learning to eat consciously.

‘The fridge is busted’ is the theme of this 5-day program. We will focus on how to feed ourselves by preparing every meal fresh and using traditional methods of preservation, such as salt and fire. We will harvest and prepare on property from scratch all of the food necessary to support ourselves.

Our activities are helping to focus Polestar’s vision of a rustic commercial kitchen and open air cafe.

Are you game for breaking out of your comfort zone? Come and join us for this sustainability challenge. CLICK HERE for the Application Link and Event Contact Info


Program Fee: $175

*Kama’aina Program Fee: $75

Note: Class size is limited to 5

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