Notes to Valentina

(Valentina is the horticulturist and landscape architect who worked with me planning and designing Polestar’s new permaculture/agroforestry initiative. While she is away in India, I hope to keep her updated on changes, development and events through these weekly notes)

September 10, 2017

Some aloe for kitchen garden

Hi Valentina –

Decided to move pineapples from kitchen garden to field where we built beds specially crafted just for them during our workshop Friday. 

In place of the pineapples, we’ll plant those mature potted aloes currently living in awkward places around the property.

It will be an energetically appropriate and practical move.  I was reminded of that when we visited the Krishna Cow Sanctuary.  Did you notice how beautiful the mass planting of aloe is outside their temple/kitchen?

As always, your feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.  Denise