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Yogananda’s Nine-day Rejuvenation Diet Retreat
and Raw-Food Celebration

 January 12 – 20, 2018 

Yogananda 9-day Juice DietYogananda’s Nine-Day Rejuvenation Diet is a facilitated diet and retreat, including options for both Yogananda’s 9-Day ‘Cleansing and Revitalizing Diet’ and Polestar’s Hawaii Organic Raw Food Diet.

Format: 9-day guided retreat and diet
Spaces Available: 24
Pre-registration required: Yes
Early Registration Discount: 15%
Accommodations: Tent, Tent Cabin, Shared and Private Rooms
Cost: Starting at $1200 for 9 nights

Polestar Gardens organic foodDesigned by Paramhansa Yogananda to completely “rejuvenate the body cells and awaken the latent powers of the soul”, this facilitated diet/retreat includes daily pranayama, yoga, meditation and guided introspection, as well as opportunities for relaxation and exploring the beauty of our island.

For those who wish, a modified raw/ juice diet is also available during this time. Both diets will use local, organically grown produce, much of it grown here at Polestar. Start your new year by completely revitalizing your body, mind and Spirit!   …contact us