New Polestar Micro Cabins Installed and Blessed

On Saturday, January 20, Polestar staff and guests officially blessed the
new micro cabins named after the Hawaiian plant or animal painted on the
facade. The new cabins will host guests and workers, providing more space
and better resiliency in Hawaii’s sometimes inclement weather. Built by
Polestar staff and painted by Polestar’s resident artist, Sasha Alexandre
Sazonov, the cabins were painted to reflect the unique environments on the
Big Island and to blend in harmoniously to the land.

The first cabin, “Silversword”, displays a motif of an endemic but rare
cactus species that only grows on at super high altitudes Mauna Koa and
Haleakala in Maui. “Iwa”, is named after an important seabird, also called
the “frigate bird,” which helped guide ancient Polynesian navigators.
“Avocado”, the third cabin, displays one of Polestar’s most productive and
delicious crops. And, the last cabin, “Noni”, is a important medicinal plant
that grows in the area and is the address where Polestar Gardens resides.

Mahalo to all to those who helped get these cabins ready in time to host
upcoming group programs!

Polestar Gardens Micro Cabins