Unforgettable Blessings at a Hawaii Spiritual Retreat

In need of a Hawaii spiritual retreat? One of our former raja-yoga interns sent us an email sharing her renewed joy after her one month program, which we thought you’d like to read:

Aloha Polestar Family!

Just a quick note to express my gratitude for the awesome experience I had at the beautiful Polestar Spiritual Community on the Big Island! I am very pleased to say that I received many incredible blessings during my month long spiritual retreat.

Pele’s powerful voice thundered and shook the island during two earthquakes,

Her hot breath kissed my skin another layer darker and more beautiful.

My eyes received a glimpse of her fiery lava bubbling over in her volcanic cauldron.

She showered me with her liquid love throughout the day to cool the heat from my hot sweaty brow.

Blessings of Light and Insight from my Beloved Saints, Gurus, Yogis and my Divine Mother were bestowed upon me as we daily chanted in the temple and during kirtans. The Energization classes allowed me to jump start my day by reconnecting me to my body and spirit. The Raja Yoga philosophy classes were very informative. Yoga classes gentle, yet powerfully effective.  The service projects provided me a sense of community and purpose. My spirit was expanded in so many profound ways.

Abundance surrounded me in the magnificent vast blue-green oceans. The white, gray, and black sandy beaches were glorious to witness while countless varieties of lush green ancient trees, swayed in the warm breeze.  Waterfalls seemed to flow out of every mountain shimmering off the sunlight and emptying into a cool body of water. The sun patiently descended behind the mountains as the little coquis relentlessly chirped without mercy during the quiet of the night. Paradise was teeming and overflowing everywhere!

I am so grateful that the heavy load I brought with me to the island was lifted off my shoulders and replaced with the aloha spirit of peace, happiness, affection, love, and joy. The presence of the “breath of life” was radiating through everyone and everything. Magic abounded!

Thank you Polestar Family for the role you played in my process of healing and transformation. In closing, I loved all of the “play time” activities and games; and the many hours of singing/chanting with the sacred musical instruments. It connected me to my inner child in ways I could not have imagined.  My experience at Polestar truly encapulates the spirit of Aloha and will indelibly be etched in my heart and spirit!

Mahalo, until we meet again.

Aloha! Aloha! Aloha!

– E.A.S., New Jersey