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Who We Are

A Gallery of Pictures and Video Clips

A picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is a video clip worth? Here is a collection of images and clips from Polestar. Enjoy!


Truly, you have to see Polestar to appreciate it. In the spring of 2014 we made a short video to introduce Polestar for a crowdfunding appeal we made to raise funds to refinance our mortgage.

Success! We raised $600,000 with a low interest loan to secure Polestar's future!

The video still stands as a great introduction to our garden community. Founder and director of Polestar, Michael Gornik, narrates.

An introduction to Polestar. Spring of 2014

Visiting Lava

In Hawaii, especially on the big island, and in Puna, volcanoes and lava are a way of life. Recently our local town of Pahoa has been under seige. A divinity in Hawaiian cultural mythology, "Pele" is the divine mother associated with volcanoes and lava.

A favorite event at Polestar is a hike to see lava up close, and if lucky, to watch it dive in the ocean. We leave at 3:30 am in the morning, drive to Kalapana some 30 minutes away, and then hike for an hour and a half over rough lava fields in the dark (or even better, hike from the light of a full moon).

Then we are able to experience the lava while still dark, and admire the sunrise before hiking home to Polestar for breakfast.

Polestar Apprentices on a Lava Hike, Adventure Trip at Big Island

Polestar apprentices on a lava hike, Spring of 2013
(click on image for full-size view)

Lava flowing into the Ocean...from Polestar apprentice hike 2013

Chickens and Mongooses

We love chickens. They are so like yogis---simple, serviceful, and even-minded. They give us eggs, live on unwanted insects from the garden area and composte from our kitchen, and provide much needed fertilizer.

And they are fun to watch! Especially as they walk and "waddle". Ann watches over our chickens and takes great pictures of them. Hawaii does have a chicken nemisis, the mongoose! Here is a fun video of a mongoose trying very hard to steal eggs in the Polestar chicken house!

Chickens at Polestar Garden

"Chicken Reflections"
(click on image for full-size view)

"Mongoose in the Henhouse"

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