Building a Bamboo Fence at Polestar Gardens, Hawaii

Ever wanted to build a bamboo fence? With the help of our interns and our very own bamboo grove, we just did!

Polestar has several sustainability initiatives, one of which is to grow bamboo for a variety of uses around the property. We recently had a need to build a fence in front of the main house, and decided to make use of some of the bamboo from our large grove to build a bamboo fence. This project involved several steps.

First, our interns, led by our knowledgable permaculturalist Denise, headed down to the bamboo grove with handsaws. Here they selected bamboo for cutting according to diameter and weight. Several large diameter posts (approximately 6 inches) were cut for the main posts, while many others (approximately 2-4 inches diameter) were cut for filling in the space between the large posts. All of the posts, both large and small, were cut to the same height to ensure a uniform height for the fence:

Second, a few pieces of rebar were put into the ground where the large posts would soon stand. The large diameter posts were placed over this rebar to serve as sturdy points of support for the rest of the fence. Next, several posts were laid parallel to the ground and to one another, and then tied to the large posts as well as to a column of the main house for extra support. As you can see in the picture, the bottom posts were elevated from the earth just slightly to prevent the bamboo from taking root in the earth.

posts are inserted between the lower crossbars



extra support from tying crossbars to main house


sustainable living hawaii

The larger diameter post tied to upper cross bars

With the main frame of the fence constructed, the smaller diameter pieces of bamboo were inserted, one by one, between the parallel frame. And voila! A beautiful, sturdy, home grown bamboo fence!

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