Beekeeping in Hawaii at Polestar

Ever thought about exploring beekeeping in Hawaii?Beekeeping Hawaii

Here at Polestar we are blessed with several bee hives. Our beekeepers and interns work with the bees to produce delicious local honey. This honey (as well as other locally produced food) is then used by the community for meals and cooking. We also sell some of the honey as part of our non-profit programming (stop by and pick some up!).

On Easter Sunday 2017 we received a call from a neighbor who was out on a walk near Polestar. He told us that a swarm of bees was hanging from a tree on our property. We quickly notified one of our resident beekeepers of the situation. As it turned out, we had just lost a swarm a few days before Easter. Perhaps our neighbor had found it?

Christy geared up in her bee suit and headed out to the scene. Intern Jake quickly followed with the excavator while others gathered to assist. Watch the video and see what happened next!!

Beekeeping in Hawaii