Polestar Gardens

Retirement Housing Opportunities
at Polestar

There are housing opportunities at Polestar that may be perfectly suited to your needs and financial plans. After visiting Polestar and getting to know us better, you can meet with our directors and staff to determine if there is a match available for you.

Housing options range from apartments and rooms in our large, beautiful cooperative living center home, to comfortable Hawaiian style cabins, to detached single and duplex bungalows. With a financial investment in Polestar housing, it is also possible in the very near future to have a unit specifically designed and built for your needs.

Polestar's Cooperative Living Center

In our beautiful main cooperative living home, already people of all ages live in comfortable and accessible apartments and rooms. As available, these spaces are can be secured through longer term lease agreements or housing pool investments.

Detached Units in Polestar's New Housing Cluster

An artist's rendition, we are already well in process building the first unit in our new residential housing cluster. These will be beautiful Hawaiian style bungalows, around 800 sq. feet each that can be customized to single units, duplexes, or rooms.

Here is the first unit, a dormitory for Polestar interns, in it's idyllic Hawaiian setting, in process this spring as of the second week in April. Watch for updated pictures soon!

Flexible Housing Investment Packages

We are currently creating several ways for retirees to responsibly and safely invest in Polestar retirement housing. Please contact us directly to learn more.