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Investing in the Future of Polestar

It's time to take Polestar to its next level of SERVICE.

We've come a long way!
...a brief history of Polestar

Polestar began in Sonoma County, California in the summer of the year 2000. Early years included a residential learning center, ongoing spiritual, educational, and cultural events, and apprenticeship opportunities for young adults. Unable to find suitable land for expansion, Polestar moved to the Big Island in early 2005. Within three years, our new land was purchased and the new community was under construction.

An opportunity to invest the future of Polestar Gardens, nonprofit educational organization.

The years that followed produced a wealth of opportunities for Polestar to serve and expand that continue to this day. With gardens, greenhouses, photo-voltaic systems, houses, temples, and much more to be designed and created, the building of Polestar has been not only a primary educational event, but a large part of our spiritual practice as well.

Students from all over the world have come to help, to learn, and to add their unique energy to this creative process and we are deeply grateful for their contributions! Many of them have found their experience here to be transformational. All during this time, Polestar continues to host community service projects, youth camps, yoga and meditation for the benefit of the greater community.

Here is a short video introducing our future...

A way you can be involved...
A secured investment with a financial, social and spiritual return

Polestar has partnered with SEMBLE, a top organization that specializes in creating socially conscious investment opportunities for non-profits. We have created an investment fund called "Friends of Polestar" LLC and are offering this to anyone who would like a secured investment for a good cause and with a fair return.

How to Invest Details

What we can accomplish...
with your help, and the funds from this investment!

Guest Housing Units - $120,000

Get involved and support us to raise the funds at Polestar Garden Guest Housing UnitsOne of Polestar's core ideals is the power of community in education; that it ‘takes a village’ to not only raise a child but to ensure a connected, fulfilled, and meaningful life for all.

By increasing our capability to house students, apprentices, retreatants and guests we can more effectively fulfill this vision while increasing our operational revenue by up to $2,000 per month. We have permitted sites, approved plans and skilled community carpenters ready to manifest these new housing units!

Garden Expansion / Infrastructure and Planning - $53,000

Get involved and support us to raise the funds at Polestar Garden's Expansion, Infrastrature and Planning The Gardens at Polestar have to be seen (and eaten from!) to be believed. With prodigious avocado, banana, and vegetable crops, we currently grow more than half of our daily food. Our fruit and nut orchard, which includes mango, citrus, lychee, soursop, rollinia, star fruit, abiu, macadamia nuts, cashews, and much more, was planted 5 years ago and is already producing.

We have very ambitious plans for expanding our sustainable agriculture projects in the coming years including a new agri / food-forest area, acreage for growing our own mulch, and new orchard areas.

Infrastructure, planning, phase one of our yoga temple deck, a walking trail, use permit, and community center improvements are just some of our projects for the coming years.

Sustainable Power System Upgrade - $40,000

Get involved and support us to raise the funds to upgrade Polestar Garden's Sustainable Power SystemAlready Polestar is a shining example of a practical, real-life, sustainable, organic eco-friendly community. With these funds we will be able to complete our core power systems, reduce operating costs and minimize backup fossil fuel use.

We have a detailed, long-term strategic plan for sustainable power, and in this phase we will increase our solar panel coverage as well as deep-cell battery storage, upgrade our inverter system and install a much needed new (and quiet!) back-up generator. This investment will pay for itself in under 8 years through reduced generator, gas and battery costs.

Solar Water Heater Installation - $7,000

Get involved and support us to raise the funds at Polestar Garden's Solar Water HeaterWe are so blessed in Puna, Hawaii to be able to "catch" pure rain water from the skies! Our next step is to be able to heat that water with radiant energy from the sun.

We already have much of the needed solar water heating plumbing and fittings required. With these funds we can complete this inventory along with the required installation infrastructure. This investment will pay for itself, in terms of reduced propane usage, in under 5 years.

Pay Off: Mortgage - $480,000 and Existing Loans - $150,000

Get involved and support us to raise the funds at Polestar Garden's Mortage LoansThe net result of this funding effort will be to reduce our monthly expenses by over $2,000 and save us an additional $500 per month in operating costs, thereby increasing our income potential by over $30,000 per year!

How to Invest Details

This is a socially conscious investment...
safe and secured

  • The loan is secured with Polestar’s property and buildings
  • The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is a very low and healthy 67% (our land and property has been appraised at 1.3 million and the investment loan we are seeking is $870,000)
  • Polestar is an educational non-profit 501c3 and it owns the land
  • The minimum investment is $5,000
  • 4% maximum rate of interest; investors are invited to write in a lower rate if they are inspired to
  • It is a 5 year, interest only payback, with a full balloon payment in 5 years
  • Self-directed IRAs may be automatically assigned as investments in this loan (inquire for more information)

Your investment now can help to secure a prosperous and sustainable future for Polestar.

Mahalo! Thank You!

For more information:

Go here: Friends of Polestar opportunity details
Or email or call (808) 430-8009