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Visiting Polestar


Frequently asked questions for guests, apprentices and potential Polestar residents.

Questions for ALL visitors
About the apprentice program or work exchange
About residency at Polestar

Questions for ALL Visitors

How do I get to Polestar from the airport?

We have a pick-up fee of $45. We can arrange for a pick-up anytime.

Can I fly into Kona Airport?

The closest airport to Polestar is HILO. The abbreviation is "ITO". We do not do pickups at Kona. If you are flying into Kona there are rental cars that can be rented from the Kona airport and dropped off at the Hilo airport. The cost for the rental and the drop off fee runs in the neighborhood of $100. (That is about the same amount one can save flying into Kona!)

Car rentals?

If you find you really want to have your own wheels to travel around, to go into town, go to the warm ponds or for an ocean swim, there are a couple of options.

We drive into Hilo town on errands a few times a week. You can always jump in with us or get your own rental car! Below are a few rental options:

Lilia - (808) 965-7549, Mark - (808) 937-4007, or craigslist "car rentals"

The local town of Pahoa is 7 miles away. The local swim spots are about 4 miles away. Hilo town is 30 miles from Polestar Gardens.

How much of a deposit do I send in?

The amount of the deposit is only $100.

Do you have a high season?

Our peak season is December 15th through January 6th. Please add an additional 30% to your rate for dates between 12/15 and 1/7.


Is it OK to smoke pot while I am visiting Polestar?

NO. Polestar Gardens is a alcohol and recreational drug free community. If you are participating in a program here we ask you for no alcohol or drug use on or off the property during your stay here.

What if I want to stay longer?

Opportunities for a longer stay are explored after your first month here.

When staying in a tent, do I bring my own sleeping bag?

We provide a covered tent with a twin bed and all of its bedding. The tent is 10 feet x 10 feet and is quite comfortable. A picture of the tent can be found on our website on our ACCOMMODATIONS page. Click here for a look


Do you have a laundry facility?

Yes, personal laundry can be done on certain days between certain hours and at no charge.

Do you have wi-fi at Polestar?

Yes, and wi-fi is also included in the cost of your stay.

When is the rainy season?

The weather is very unpredictable here with significant dry or wet spells any time of year. Generally speaking though, rainy season can be anytime between November and March! It never lasts very long but it's nice to have some clothes you can wear in the rain anytime of year.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

We supply yoga mats, meditation pillows and kneeling benches in the temple.

My focus is on yoga postures, is Polestar the right retreat for me?

When Polestar refers to "yoga" practice, we are referring to "raja" yoga, which is the ancient science of self-realization as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda; daily, regular meditation practice is our core emphasis. We also have beautiful space for Hatha yoga and teach and practice it daily as an aid to deeper meditation.

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About the apprentice program or work exchange

Can I just work and not pay anything?

We do not have a straight work exchange arrangement here at Polestar.

I just found a cheaper flight to come for my apprentice program, but it is after the first day of the program. Is that a problem?

We like to start the program with all participants starting at the same time.

On the first evening after dinner we have an orientation where we talk about what you can expect during your stay. The second day we start with a tour which explains how we live here on the property and hold your first class on the Energization Exercises. ( You can google " Yogananda's energization exercises" if you are unfamiliar. )

Then on the second day you will also receive your meditation class. If you have arrived anytime after the 3rd day of the start date, we would then give you 3 private classes plus a tour. The charge for that private instruction is $100.

I'm an older person, can I still come to Polestar for an internship?

The apprentice program is definitely demanding work. If a senior is able and wanting to come for the program, we try our best to make it work for both parties. Elders have come and done housekeeping work, cooking and some gardening. (Specific office / business skills are always a help!)

If one is able to do some light lifting and bending, we do not foresee any problems with seniors participating in the internship programs. Also, if one is interested in just working during our morning hours, it is possible to pay more and work less hours.

I don't think I'd be comfortable in a tent for the apprentice program, can I stay in a tent cabin or an indoor room instead?

Yes, you may upgrade your accommodations and here are the rates: From a tent on work study, in addition to the $700 program fee...

       a TENT CABIN $130 per week more
       an INDOOR ROOM $ 200 per week more

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About residency at Polestar

I'd love to live at Polestar, how can I start the residency program?

The first step is to come for a visit either as a guest or an intern. We need to spend some time together to see if this is a fit for both you and the community. If you spend a month then all of your questions about an extended stay can be answered during your time here.

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