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Retreats and Programs

Raja Yoga Internship

Polestar is an intentional, spiritual community on 20 beautiful acres in Hawaii with a developing farm. If you are interested in yoga & meditation, deepening your spiritual life and experiencing cooperative living, there is much for you to explore here.

The Raja Yoga Internship

The Raja Yoga Internship is a wonderful way to visit Polestar and to experience life in spiritual community. While learning and practicing daily the teachings of yoga and meditation, you can also learn valuable life-skills in many areas such as organic gardening and landscaping, carpentry and maintenance, and vegetarian cooking.

Weekly events also include kirtans, yoga workshops, lava hikes, swimming, snorkeling and other sports (volleyball every Friday evening!).

Though the Raja Yoga Internship is intended as a 4 week program, you can stay for as little as two weeks, and as long as 3 months. Longer stays are contingent on the availability of accommodations and on how well the program is working for you and for Polestar. After your first week, and every week thereafter, we will check-in together to see that everything is flowing harmoniously.

Participants are asked to arrive on or before the appointed date to make sure they are in attendance for the first Friday evening orientation (a day or two early is fine). The first week is especially important and includes getting to know each other, becoming acquainted with teachings and practices of our path of yoga, and learning how the community operates.

We encourage all participants to attend the very first day of the program. If you are unable to attend for any reason, we simply ask you change your plans to attend the next first Friday of the following month program start date.

Program Dates

Each program segment usually begins on the first Friday of the month, and continues until the Friday closest to the end of the month (unless you are staying for the following month also). In this way, each segment is within a day or two of 4 weeks in length.

2017 Monthly Starting Dates and Costs

January Thu  Jan 5-25 (3 week program) $1200 *9-Day Cleanse
February Thu  Feb 2, $1000

Thu  Mar 25-Apr 3, $700 *10-day Raja Yoga Intensive

Thu Mar 2-Apr 3, $1080

April Thu  Apr 6, $1200 *Sacred Music Festival
May Thu  May 4, $1000
June Thu  Jun 1, $1200 *Adventures in Spirit
July Thu  July 6, $1000  
August Thu  Aug 3, $1000
September Thu  Aug 31, $1000
October Thu  Oct 5, $1000
November Thu  Nov 2, $1000
December Thu  nov 30, $1200 *Holiday Program


The cost of this program is $1000 per 4 weeks and includes 25 hours per week of committed apprenticeship service. In the case of a two week stay, the cost is $700. Once your application has been accepted a $100 deposit will hold your space (fully refundable with 48 hours notice).

* Note: Due to the additional programs during these months, there is an extra $200 program fee to cover the costs.

If you want to come as an apprentice, but do not have 14 days to dedicate to the program, you can come as a guest. Many visitors stay with us as guests and participate in our work flow as volunteers. The cost is $65 per night which includes a private tent and meals. No work exchange is required. Go here for guest rates and accommodation options.

From December 7 until January 7 is our High Season. The peak rate is $1200 per 4 weeks during these Holiday dates.

Once you have successfully completed two months of the intern program, you are eligible for our "core group" program. Inquire for details.


The prices above are based on private tents. Other spaces may be available at an additional cost and you can check our Accommodations page for more information.


1. Learn More?

The introductory video we made for our spring fundraising event is a very good short introduction to what it is like to be at Polestar:

Watch Introductory Video


Go here for our secure, easy-to-use online application form:

Intern Application

3. Aren't able to apply through email?

You can download our printable application in PDF form and fax it or mail it to us (please only use this PDF version if you intend to fax it).

Our fax number is (888) 478–2685

Download Printable Application (PDF)

4. Ready to make a payment?...

If your application has been accepted, and you want to make your payment, go to the bottom of this page to pay using PayPal

To pay with Paypal

5. Do you have some questions?...

Feel free to call or email us with any questions you might have. We would love to hear from you!

Contact Us

More About the Raja Yoga Internship


Daily Sadhana

We have regularly scheduled sadhana (spiritual practice) every morning and most evenings. Our sadhana includes: Prayer, Energization (Yogoda) Exercises, Chanting, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation and we can provide instruction in all of the above. Sharing “sacred space” on a daily basis is an important aspect of our community life!

Community Service

Service is also a core aspect of our spiritual lives.  Our ideal is to realize the truth that it is a privilege to be of service to others.  We learn many valuable things through creative service; essential life skills such as how to harmonize with others and practical skills such as growing, food, building shelter, and cooking.


Our meals are mostly lacto-ovo vegetarian and always delicious!

We take turns cooking and have amazingly creative, wonderful chefs in the rotation. Dinners are an excellent time to share, relax and connect with family and friends. We have a full, sit down dinner at least 4 times per week and often other spontaneous group meals as well.


The Big Island is full of natural wonders, many of which our in our back yard! Water falls, steam vents, lava, dolphins, hiking, snorkeling, surfing; all are close by and a great feature of island life.

Events and Classes

Every Wednesday night is “Community Night”. This event is open to the public and a wonderful opportunity to connect with our local friends and extended community. We host meditation and chanting from 5:45 – 6:45 p.m. followed by a vegetarian pot-luck dinner and often some kind of community event. Events may include birthday parties, skills for living classes, music and more.

Community Meetings

We gather several times a month as a community to discuss our individual and group progress on all levels.

This is an opportunity for sharing the challenges and inspiration of community life and for renewing our core intentions.

Thank you for your interest in the Raja Yoga Internship.
We look forward to meeting you soon!

If your application has been accepted...

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